Relax, have a seat with #SitTO

About a few weeks ago, a group of us “young urbanists” we’re chatting on twitter about elements that make public spaces successful. We all happened to notice that some of Toronto’s public spaces lack one key element that may hinder their vitality – places to sit.

The conversation on twitter snowballed into an idea to purchase chairs from Ikea and place them at different public spaces in Toronto that currently lack seating. We did this as part of 100 in a 1 day, a day which celebrates small social and public “interventions” to enhance civic engagement and improve cities. We also created a hashtag – #SitTO to raise awareness and gain feedback on our idea.

Here are some pictures from our #SitTO initiative  on 100 in a 1 day, which was held on Saturday, June 4th, 2016 –

Nathan Phillips Square (Queen-Bay)*


King-Bay (SW corner)*


In front of Union Station


King-John (SE corner)


Queen-Peter (North side)


McGill Parkette (Yonge-Gerrard)*


What pleasantly surprised us was how well embraced our initiative was. People were incredible receptive and supportive.

With such positive feedback,  we hope to do more similar types of “urban interventions” around the city in the future.

Here is some press coverage on our initiative –

Toronto Star:

CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway:

CTV News:

Urban Toronto:

*Pictures taken by Evrim Delen, Jonah Letovsky and Alex Colangelo, respectively


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