The “Parks Corridor” in Toronto

Toronto is blessed with an abundance of great parks. One of the best things about the parks is that they are scattered throughout the entire City and they become buzzing with activity during the summer time. Just a few days ago, Jake Tobin Garrett, manager at Park People and a big public space and parks enthusiast, produced a short piece on BlogTO about what Trinity Bellwoods park looks like on a typical summer weekend.

What I find most interesting about Trinity Bellwoods and the neighbourhoods surrounding it (aside from the popularity) is that there are so many different parks and parkettes in the area. The various parks stretch from Lake Ontario  all the way up to Bloor Street, and appear as if though they are all connected.

Thanks to a friend, it was noted that Garrison Creek flowed through this part of the city, which connects many of the parks such as Garrison Point, Stanley Park, Trinity Bellwoods, Bickford Park and Christie PIts.

I made a quick map shown below displaying the different parks and parkettes in what I would call the “Parks Corridor” – an area located between Bathurst Street and Ossington Avenue, south of Barton Street.

The Parks Corridor1

Something that will enhance park space and connectivity in the area is the construction of a bridge as part of the Garrison Point Redevelopment that will connect Stanley Park and Garrison Common (Fort York). This bridge will “effectively connect” the Lake to Trinity Bellwoods Park. Below is a rendering of the bridge (image from Urban Toronto)-


As well, the Under Gardiner initiative promises to bring iconic new park space in the area, underneath the Gardiner Expressway. Here is a rendering of what the park could look like-




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