Where are the Major Employers in Mississauga

The City of Mississauga’s Open Data Catalogue is made up of fascinating data and information about the City’s population, demographics, industries, development activity, land use and natural areas.

The City recently released their Employment Profile, which summarizes how the City has performed economically over the past few years. Among the information found in the profile, I noted a directory of Mississauga’s major employers (i.e., businesses in the City of Mississauga with over 1,000 employees).

Below is a quick map I made of major employers in the City of Mississauga as of 2016. Keep in mind that the map only shows businesses in Mississauga with more than 1,000 employees in one location.


What I found interesting from looking at the map was that most of the major employers in Mississauga are located in office park nodes along Highway 401, such as Airport Corporate Centre and Meadowvale. I also noted that there are no businesses with over 1,000 employees in Mississauga’s City Centre/Downtown (there are however 8 businesses with 300 to 1,000 employees there).


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